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Monday, December 12, 2011

All Attempts are Futile

Why am I even bothering right now? I have no idea what I logged on to write about and I'm typing with one hand while the other hand plays "dump truck," whatever that may be today. All the while, two dogs are clamoring to go outside/inside/outside/inside and two cats continually march across the keyboard. And I'm pretty sure someone (of the very small variety) is about to poop his pants. My coffee is ice cold and W and I are still both in our pajamas. I could be frustrated by this scene. But instead, I'm going to embrace it. Or at least I'll try to embrace it. The Christmas tree is lit, my coffee, albeit freezing, smells delish and W is laughing his ass off because the dirty, old dump truck keeps dropping a role of duct tape. Who cares if the rug isn't visible due to puzzle pieces and the cat has a piece of duct tape stuck to her tail? I'm embracing the chaos.

Today will be a day of productivity (if it kills me...). I will mail our Christmas cards. I will shamefully drop our INSANELY past due library books in the book drop bin. I will do two loads of laundry and cut W's hair. He looks like Justin Bieber and Dorothy Hamel had a love child and lost all of their scissors. It's getting out of control.

So who knows what I came on here intending to wax poetically about. It went the way of my hot coffee. I'm going to load of on dry shampoo, toss on some jeans and get knee deep in chores so we have plenty of time to play trucks.

Viva la toddlers!


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