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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Avoidance is no Longer Acceptable

We bit the bullet over the past few days and finally painted the baby's room. It was very hard for me, for some reason. I've yet to figure out why. I guess because it forces me to acknowledge that no one has deemed us right to raise their babies. Every month we're shown to several people and no one picks us. I know we're awesome, so it's hard for me to accept.
The bedroom is striped and adorable. It's going to come together fast, now. We're using W's old crib and area rug. So I just need to find a few pieces of furniture. We're attempting to go used on this kid's room. There's SO much lovely stuff out there on craigslist and in consignment shops. But shall those intentions fail, we'll be loading the wagon up with Ikea for sure. Either way, I'm really going to enjoy putting a proper nursery together. We didn't get to do that with W. We moved into our house two weeks before he was born and I was too sick or spending too much time at the NICU to get it together. So it was all just an after thought. This process is very cathartic for me. Getting started was the hard part. Now I'm a roll that can't be stopped.


  1. What colors did you/are you going with? The Hubby and I would like to start on the baby's room too but don't want to go with a typical green or yellow neutral color scheme.

    1. We painted #2's room tan and khaki horizontal stripes. The rest of the stuff in there is just a mish mosh of bright, colorful tidbits we've gathered here and there. W's room is kind of the same. His walls are a patina green and the rest of the stuff we gathered is mostly yellow, red and dark brown. Honestly, I'd rather be tasered than paint a room pink or blue. there's so many satisfying gender bending colors out there. Like gray. I LOVE gray rooms (I'm sitting in one now haha). Here's a Design*Sponge archive of cool kids' rooms:

      So, once the room's put together are you going to seal it shut and never look at it/think about it, too? haha. It's so weird. Making a room for someone we don't even have, yet.

  2. Ooohhh thanks for the great ideas. I really don't want a room full of green and yellow frogs or something like that (not that I have anything against frog). I'm hoping to solicit some ideas on my blog too...another way of procrastinating I suppose. :-)

  3. There's also a compilation of awesome baby rooms from Domino Magazine. But since it went defunct (sobs), it's hard to find online. An editor from loved Domino too, and archived most of the website on, but I was having a hard time finding the comp of kid rooms. But it's on there, I know it is. And it's worth the hunt, if you've got some time to fall to into the internet rabbit hole.

    I hear ya on the frog thing. I love frogs, but I don't want a room full of them. I just like collecting random colorful things from Anthropologie sales (thank goodness for employee discount!), flea markets and Etsy. Mostly because it takes my mind off of The Wait. If I just went to Babies R Us and got one of those ready made rooms, how ever would I fill this time?!!