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Monday, February 13, 2012

Busy Bees

Holy busy.
Our kitchen is torn to pieces, our dining room is full of new cabinets, I have dress rehearsals all this week. We're meeting our birth mother two hours away on Friday, then we have to high tail it back home in time for opening night of the musical. I could FREAK the eff out and sob over all the stuff going on right now.
Or I could look at all the good in it. I'm going to have a pretty new kitchen in a few days (with a dishwasher, yay!). We're going to meet the birth mother and she's going to love us and she's going to assure us that everything's fine. I'm having a blast in the musical and I don't have a lot of responsibility. I can just show up, do a little dance and have a lot fun. There, see? That's not such a scary pile of busy, is it?
Deep breath.

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